We Can Do Better


Our political parties have taught us to dislike people simply on the basis of the party that these people support or represent. Very often, our feelings about our representatives are not based on the principles on which they stand, the policies they present, or the plans and programs they implement. Our reactions are based on whether or not we support the party that the person speaking represents. As a result, our political leaders no longer bother to discuss with us their plans for ending poverty, creating employment, stimulating long-term growth and sustainable development, empowering youth, caring for the vulnerable, providing affordable quality health care, revitalizing agriculture, or protecting the environment. Instead, they engage in a destructive back-and-forth argument about who did what, when, first and to whom.

To add insult to the injury, sometimes the same people that we have been told to dislike because they support or represent the 'wrong party', when it becomes convenient switch political allegiances and we are then told that we should now embrace and support our new 'brother' or 'sister' or 'comrade'. Our political system lives by the adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least until I tell you otherwise".

The politics of our country is no longer concerned with providing the electorate with a choice based on policies and programs. Instead, it is based on getting us to dislike people who do not agree with us politically and treating them like enemies who must be vanquished and destroyed.

The color of the shirt that you wear has become more important than the training or the experience that you possess. Who you support is what matters most in getting a job in the public service, getting a contract to provide services to government, getting a scholarship or a training opportunity, or receiving the support and assistance to which you are entitled.

We cannot continue to encourage and support a system that feeds on hate and division. Citizens should not be victimized because of the political party that they support. Keeping your job should not depend on you pledging your allegiance to a political party. It should not matter whether you wear a yellow, red, or green t-shirt, you are always a Saint Lucian and because of this you are entitled to the same rights and privileges with every other Saint Lucian.

The coming general election provides us with an opportunity to make a clean break with the division, the anger and the hate that have featured so prominently in our politics for several years. It gives us a chance to make a statement about the type of Saint Lucia we want to create together for ourselves and our children. 

This movement was formed because we believe in Saint Lucia and we are convinced that the only way we can succeed as a country is for all of us to work together, regardless of our political affiliation, economic class, gender, religion, race, age or where we live.

This movement has no color and it does not intend to adopt or use any identifying color. Every color is welcomed. We do not care who you once supported or voted for. It is a movement that is based on respect, togetherness, honesty, and commitment to creating a better Saint Lucia for everyone.

We encourage you to review our plans, become familiar with them, question them, and give us feedback on them. We are not a group of wise men and women with all the answers to every problem facing our country. For Saint Lucia to progress, we must tap into the creativity, intelligence, ideas, experience and effort of every citizen. This is one of our important philosophies.

We can do better. We must do better. But for us to do better we must change the way we do things. We cannot and will not change if we continue to think, behave and respond the same way that we have always done. We will not solve our problems with the same thinking, attitudes and practices that created the problems. 

This movement provides Saint Lucians with a real choice. A real choice for real change. Change for the better.