Let us Change Saint Lucia for the Better for Everyone

If you are interested in helping to shape a better Saint Lucia that is based on the principles and priorities that we have listed on this site, then please join this movement for change.


This is a movement to end the petty political partisanship that currently dominates our relationships with each other and with our government. It is a movement for a change in our approach to development at the national and community levels, so that we reduce our reliance on one sector and we pursue a more balanced economic development agenda, with an emphasis on developing the potential of all Saint Lucians and ensuring that they command the heights of economic and political power in our country. It is a movement for a more caring, equitable and just social development agenda. It is a movement that appreciates, embraces, promotes and elevates the things that are intrinsically Saint Lucian - our culture, our heritage and our environment. It is a movement for a safer and better Saint Lucia.

Let's Make a Difference 

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