Construct or retrofit multi-use buildings that can be used as shelters, able to withstand the impacts of a Category 5 hurricane, with the following features:

    • A grid-tied renewable energy supply, with adequate battery, in addition to an independent stand-by diesel-powered generator, sufficient to meet the needs of the shelter when it is operating at full capacityRainwater harvesting capability

    • Adequate water storage to meet the needs of the shelter, operating at full capacity, for a minimum of seven days.

    • Properly equipped first aid centre.

    • Separate male and female toilets and shower facilities.

    • Child and youth-safe facilities.

    • Adequately equipped kitchen facilities

    • Reliable communications system that can remain operational during a power outage

    • Adequate solid and liquid waste disposal/sanitation facilities

    • Storage facilities for basic supplies

    • An accurate database of residents living in the catchment community by the centre