Stop Stopping and Restarting

There is an annoying, puerile and counter-productive practice among new Governments to pretend as if the previous five (or more) years in the history of the country they now govern was nothing but a bad nightmare. This means that projects started during the previous administration that have not yet been completed must either be terminated or temporarily stopped, tweaked and renamed. It does not matter whether some of the initiatives being undertaken were the result of lengthy and comprehensive public consultations, as long as they were not initiated by the new administration, there usually can be only one fate - cessation.

This infantile and divisive attitude also extends to the way in which the history of the country is depicted over State-owned media. Any activities, projects or even national events that took place during a period when the 'other' party was in power are usually strictly forbidden from broadcast on State-controlled radio or television. The result is that at any point in time, if your reference for a chronicle of the events that shaped the development of your country is State-owned media, there will be significant gaps in your knowledge or recollection. Sadly, to varying degrees, all administrations that have held the seat of power in our country have been guilty of this latter behaviour.

We must develop the political maturity to be able to publicly acknowledge and applaud the good that was done by any individual or organization, regardless of political affiliation. We must also recognize that the constant stops and restarts in the development of our country are silly, childish and slow down the work that needs to be done to move our country forward.

There is an urgent need for a new development model that insists on a more mature and responsible type of leadership. We simply cannot continue this way.

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