A Development Agenda for Saint Lucia

This site aims to present a development agenda that will engage every citizen, regardless of political affiliation, economic circumstance or any other real or imagined differences. It is about encouraging all Saint Lucians to work together to use our indigenous resources to solve our problems. It is about building partnerships, encouraging collaboration and striving to be the best that we can be.


Saint Lucia finds itself at a critical crossroad. The choices we make now will have a profound impact on our future viability. However, the window for capitalizing on the opportunities in front of us is getting smaller. We cannot afford to continue to operate in a manner that does not make optimum use of our human resource, which is our most important asset. 

This new development agenda must be built on a recognition that there is high intrinsic value in our identity as Saint Lucians. Our ability and our worth as a people must never be diluted, diminished or devalued because of the development model or pathway that we pursue. We must see ourselves as proud, creative and industrious Caribbean people.

At the core of Saint Lucia's development agenda is the unshakeable principle of good governance. Without good governance, there can be no lasting social, economic or environmental gains. Therefore, we must build a governance model that is based on inclusiveness, competence, accountability, trust, integrity, participation, transparency, empathy, sustainability and responsiveness. 

Most importantly, our people must be inspired to always want to be better, do better and aim higher. Our leaders in all sectors must lead by example.