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A Movement For Positive Change and Transformation

Expanding The Economy
Transforming Government
Modernizing Our Social Services
Building a Sustainable and Resilient Saint Lucia
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Sustainable Development

Our policies must be based on the principle of sustainable development - development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our development plans should not be bound by 5-year election cycles. Our focus must be on the long-term, balanced development of our country, in a manner that positively impacts every member of the population. 

Our Policies

Saint Lucians Must Be At the Center Of All Our Plans 


A response to the climate crisis

Our Resilience Agenda is built on an appreciation of the need for harmony and balance among people, profits and planet, among economy, equity and ecology. 

Our goal is to build resilience at the household and community levels and rekindle the spirit of togetherness, community action and koudmen that have long been characteristics of life in our country.

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Our Resilience Program

Our approach to building Resilience for Saint Lucians is based on these five pillars

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