This initiative is for Saint Lucians from all walks of life who are concerned about the direction in which our country is headed, but who also believe that the current situation provides an opportunity to do things in a different, better, more inclusive and balanced manner.



This is a place to discuss a development agenda for Saint Lucia that is sustainable, inclusive, balanced and based on the effective, efficient, strategic and sensible use of our resources. It is not a medium that supports or opposes any existing political party.  

The ideas here are not exhaustive. They form the framework of what a progressive development agenda for Saint Lucia should look like. There are areas that have not yet been discussed and details that have not yet been articulated because this must be an iterative, inclusive process, with several possible constructive and progressive ideas contending.

As time progresses, the ideas and the areas covered will be expanded, hopefully incorporating some of the suggestions that you make.



There is need for a catalyst for constructive thought and provocative discussion on the issues that matter to us as Saint Lucians and a medium that can help, in some small way, to create an environment that is more conducive and accepting of informed dialogue, progressive thought and constructive action.