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Media and Information Technology

Government should provide the environment that allows the media to operate free of political intimidation or censure.

Legislation and clear guidelines should be put in place to facilitate the smooth and responsible operation of media houses and the protection of minors from offensive material.

An effective and efficient national media entity is important for the dissemination of information to the public and the preservation of national cultural heritage. A public broadcast service is critical. Therefore, support should be provided for the operation of a national public radio and television service, which provides coverage to all areas in the country and supports the further development of the cultural and creative sectors.

Telecommunications legislation must be strengthened to ensure that the public has access to affordable, high quality and reliable telecommunications services.

The telecommunications service providers operating on the island must be mandated to improve the quality and reliability of the service they provide.

All schools, libraries, community centres, playing fields and parks/community recreational areas around the island should be provided with free broadband internet access.

The programme of establishing community ICT access centres should be expanded to cover all under-served communities around the island.

Government should encourage the development of an ICT sector by partnering with interested organizations to provide training in areas such as mobile application development, video gaming, digital photography and videography, video editing, and website development.


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