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A smart Government cultivates and nurtures good relations with strategic partners at home and externally to assist with its development efforts.

Government should develop strong partnerships with civil society organizations and work through them to create positive change within the sectors that they represent.

The medium and long-term national development strategy should form the basis of engagements with development partners and donor Governments to ensure that the support received is aligned with the country's needs and priorities.

The Ministries of External Affairs and Development Planning must work in concert to facilitate effective resource mobilization and technology transfer from the international community.

Overseas Missions should be re-oriented so that they may become the fulcrum for the foreign investment promotion and resource mobilization efforts of the Government.

The large population of Saint Lucians that resides overseas is a very important, but often overlooked partner in national development. There are many Saint Lucians living and working outside of Saint Lucia who are skilled, trained and experienced in areas where they can, if given the opportunity, make significant contributions to national development. Our Overseas Missions should be tasked with the responsibility of reaching out to Saint Lucians living in the diaspora and engaging with them to identify ways in which they can contribute to nation building. Opportunities should be created and provided for those who are interested and willing to invest in Saint Lucia. Every effort should be made to engage the diaspora in the promotion of our national development agenda.


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