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Planning and Land Use


  • Review and develop policies and a legal framework to support coordinated retreat from high-risk areas.

  • Assign responsibilities to the state and private landowners for the decommissioning of properties that are at high risk from sea level rise, storm surge, flooding and land slippage.

  • In consultation with the relevant stakeholders, establish gender sensitive and socially inclusive indicators for objective decision-making with respect to retreat from vulnerable areas.

  • Revisit set-back regulations to ensure their adequacy with respect to assessed current and future climate-related risks.

  • Incorporate climate vulnerability analysis into land use development plans as well as tourism master plans.

  • Where necessary, develop new climate-informed national land use plans for Saint Lucia.

  • Undertake national-level consultations with government ministries and community-based organizations to arrive at a socially inclusive national consensus on future development zones.


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