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Post Disaster Relief Coordination

Effective Post-Disaster Relief Coordination


  • Strengthen National Emergency Coordination Mechanisms

  • Review and update all sector specific plans

  • Test all sector plans

  • Develop a plan for the transition from national coordination to the involvement of regional (regional response mechanism) and international agencies/organizations post impact and test the system to ensure everyone is clear on their responsibilities and the chain of command.

  • Create and/or update an inventory of resources available for use during emergencies. This should be done at the community, district and national levels.

  • Create and/or update the chain of command to mobilize resources before, during and after major events. Ensure that proper communication systems are in place to facilitate communication at all stages prior to, during and after the event.

  • Improve the capacity for warehouse management

  • Conduct training in warehouse management

  • Establish a relief tracking and inventory system for warehouses

  • Ensure the integrity and accessibility of the locations that will be used as warehouses


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