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Public Administration

The Public Service is important for the proper functioning of government and the effective delivery of services to the public. Therefore, it is important that its efficiency and its productivity are improved.

The focus of the Public Service should be on implementation and delivery. Each government agency should set goals and targets, consistent with the national development agenda, and systems should be established to monitor and evaluate the performance of these agencies against the agreed indicators.

A serious effort must be made to improve and streamline the business processes in the Public Service to eliminate waste, duplication and inefficiency.

Information technology should be used strategically to improve communication and collaboration among government agencies and to expand the reach, relevance and effectiveness of the services provided.

In this constantly changing environment, Public Officers must be continually retrained and retooled to respond to the needs of their clients. A comprehensive program should be developed to facilitate the development of an efficient, appropriately skilled, competent and productive work force.

Every effort should be made to shield the work of the Public Service from political interference and intimidation. The Public Service in turn must be made to understand the importance of objectivity, professionalism and non-partisan behaviour in its operations.

The Cabinet of Ministers should set the example for efficiency and productivity in the Public Service. The operations of Cabinet should be streamlined so that Cabinet spends more time deliberating on policy decisions and less time on simple administrative issues that are best handled by line Ministries.


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