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Our Moto

Not for Party or for Self. Always for Country.


A country made up of citizens who are progressive, resilient and exemplary. 

Mission Statement

To develop our country and our citizens to their fullest potential through good, responsible, honest, balanced and inclusive governance.

Guiding Principles

Equity – to ensure all citizens are treated fairly and have equal opportunities across all spheres of endeavour

Empathy – for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, to assist them to address and overcome their challenges

Education – of all so that they may make informed decisions about their development

Empowerment – of citizens and communities so that they may play their part in nation building

Excellence - so that we strive to be world leaders in our every pursuit

Economic Viability - to pursue an agenda that is based on the sustainable development of all economic sectors

Environmental Stewardship - to protect and nurture the natural environment on which all economic and social services depend.


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