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Arts, Culture and Heritage

Government must be committed to defending our country's patrimony and ensuring that our heritage and culture are not the victims of myopic development agendas.

A national environment or ecosystem must be cultivated that respects and promotes arts, culture and heritage and recognizes the important role that it must play in the development of our people, society and nation.

Teaching on Saint Lucia's history and its cultural heritage should be introduced into the school curriculum at all levels of the education system.

A National Centre for the Performing Arts should be constructed and adequately equipped facilities provided in every community for use as Creative Development spaces.

A Culture and Heritage Investment Programme should be set up to provide support for cultural entrepreneurs, content creators and cultural organizations and agencies.

Government should provide support for the development and expansion of business opportunities in music, dance, fashion, design, architecture, digital media, video gaming,

A National Museum and Art Gallery should be established.

Legislation should be enacted to protect the intellectual property of content creators.

The citizens, past and present, whose hard work and selfless devotion to community and country helped develop our country should be nationally recognized by naming public buildings and infrastructure after them.

The M&C Fine Arts Awards played an important role in recognizing outstanding publications, productions and performances in the Arts in Saint Lucia for 25 years dating back to Saint Lucia's Independence. This Awards scheme should be expanded and supported through a Government-Private Sector partnership so that it can encourage effort and excellence in the arts at all levels.

Incentives should be provided to encourage private sector companies and individuals to make endowments or significant contributions to the arts.


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