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Small Business Sector Resilience

  • Through SEDU, provide technical support and training to MSMEs on ways in which they can improve the resilience of their operations.

  • Provide technical support to MSMEs on ways in which they can ensure the continuity of business operations after a natural disaster.

  • Provide incentives to the MSME sector to allow for their investment in energy efficiency, grid-tied distributed renewable energy, rainwater harvesting and water efficiency measures, waste reduction and more efficient production and service delivery methods.

  • Provide targeted support to women and youth to encourage their successful participation in the small business sector.

  • Explore through The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) CCRIF options for expanding the Livelihoods Protection Plan to include MSMEs.

  • Establish a clearing house within SEDU for the collection and dissemination of information to MSMEs on opportunities in the green and blue economy.

  • Provide incentives to MSMEs that seek to take advantage of opportunities in the green and blue economy.

  • Working with the financial services, develop a mechanism to provide a grace period on the repayment of interest and principal on loans for an agreed period following the declaration of a natural disaster.


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