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Citizen Empowerment

Government must ensure that the rights of workers are always protected.

Legislation that prevents the exploitation of workers must be enforced.

Competition Law should be enacted to regulate the conduct of corporate entities, prevent collusive behavior, prohibit the creation of monopolies and promote fair competition.

Civil society must be strengthened so that it is able to play a significant role in development at the community and national levels.

Free public access should be provided, via the Government Web Portal, of the entire suite of the Laws of Saint Lucia.

Freedom of Information legislation should be passed that gives the public the right to access Government information that is of a non-confidential or sensitive nature.

Support must be provided for the establishment of civil society and non-governmental organizations. Government must encourage the development of NGOs to help provide quicker and more targeted assistance to communities and groups, particularly in areas where service gaps exist.

The consumer protection bureau must be strengthened so that it is able to fulfill its important mandate of ensuring the rights of consumers to fair and acceptable levels of service are always adhered to.


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